The story of us

Don’t be fooled by the size of
our agency. It’s by design

Born in 2005, Peekaboo has grown over the past 16 years by employing the best talent, creating the best work possible and simply being passionate about what we do. We’re motivated by our client’s success, not money, but it’s not all work, we also have a lot of fun!

  • Brett

    Founder & Director

    The head honcho, the big cheese, our supreme leader. He’s the founder of Peekaboo, primary supplier of Friday beers ? and also serves as our project management/client liaison/staff employer guy (he doesn’t like managing director ?‍♂️)

  • Sam

    Lead Designer

    Our resident Aquaman ?‍♂️ and creative design maestro. He is at the vanguard of everything design and looks damn fine doing it ??. This guy can really turn a turnip into a tiara. He’s also newly vegetarian, wtf right?

  • Brad

    Digital Strategy Lead

    Potentially the most unnatural person in front of the camera you could meet ?, but when it comes to digital strategy, this guy knows what he’s talking about ? – some say he once sold a box of chicken nuggets to a vegetarian. That vegetarian was Sam.

  • Steve

    Senior Developer

    Mister code himself, he is our master developer and the brains behind all the creativity on the front end, making sure everything we design actually works ??. In his spare time he likes to DJ and dream about living on the Island like the rest of us ?.

  • We used Peekaboo to create and manage probably the most complex and challenging web build I have ever seen, coupled with a challenging and unforgiving global client. Throughout the process Peekaboo were tremendous in every aspect; unrivalled digital expertise, a calming influence, understanding and reacting to numerous project changes and an amazing can-do attitude. The results – A happy client, the analytics are phenomenal and the user experience is superb.


    Doing it with an irreverent sense of humor along the way.

    Our incredible office transformation, before and after! What do you think? 🖥️ 😃
    Isle of Wight Open Studios start today! Go and explore some of the finest local creative talent from 15th - 25th July. Good luck to all those involved across the Island!
    Timelapse testing☺️