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The all new Peekaboo Design

Small, but mighty ??

Peekaboo Design was born in a spare bedroom back in 2005, filled with hopes and dreams and little expectation that we would be sat here 14 years later still doing what we love, working with clients across the country.

After a steady start we moved into our current studio just a year after we started in 2006, it was a huge risk as we were still trying to figure out how to make money, but the calls and meeting requests from clients wanting to come and visit us in our underground spare room with only one working lampshade and a singular letterbox window where we would often watch the constant flow of peoples feet feet forced our hand. So we moved in to the studio, painted the walls, and built a desk. 13 years later and we’re still here, over the years we have improved things A LOT. It’s our second home and one we’re super proud of.

Now it’s not been an easy journey by any stretch, a few years after starting we managed to ride out the 2008 economic downturn (no kids back then meant beans on toast everyday wasn’t frowned upon), after a few more years of steady growth things went up a notch in 2015 we won the contract to build a website for Energizer as well as working with clients such as SSE, and since then well it hasn’t really stopped and we now have clients of all types nationwide.

The highs are still as great as ever and every client that we win feels like the first one all over again despite working on thousands of projects. It is also important to be grateful for the lows as it has forced us to learn and makes us stronger in the process, wow this is getting deep…

A lot of people ask how we came about the name ‘Peekaboo Design’, we wanted a name that could be a brand in its own right, so we picked up an old music magazine, flicked through it, and saw the word ‘Peek-a-boo’. We loved the 2 e’s and 2 o’s, and that was that! Took all of 2 minutes, not the most impressive story but one that’s certainly worked out.

But over the last 5/6 years there has been a constant niggle in the studio with the name ‘Peekaboo Design’, as that was originally how we started, a design studio. Although it’s still very much at the core of what we offer, we are so much more now – we create brands and ideas, we are tech gurus having built some of the most fascinating and complex technical solutions, and we help our clients grow with highly refined strategic campaigns. A full service agency I think is the best term, but this is all just a long way round of explaining why our web address is changing to, yes we’ve dropped the ‘design’, but not just because it’s shorter, more memorable and totally sums us up. It’s who we are, a digital branding agency. (the story of getting ownership of the domain is worthy of its own blog post!)

Now in our 14th year, about to finish another record year for growth, we’re blessed to have the team we do, they are all genuinely talented and passionate. As the founder I’ve been fortunate to see them progress and grow and they still manage to blow my mind nearly every day! Also we are so grateful for our magnificent clients, many who have allowed us to take this journey with them for all these years and constantly supporting us, thank you! As I’m writing this it’s reminded me that we may already be 14 years strong, but we are very excited to see where the next 14 years takes us.