Brading Roman Villa

Two exhibitions, one design agency

Brading Roman Villa is one of the finest Roman sites in the UK. Their award-winning Visitor Centre and Museum offer unique insights into Roman life in Britain from beautifully preserved mosaic floors to an extensive collection of Roman archaeology. Working closely with two of London’s biggest art museums and our very own local Roman Villa, Peekaboo was tasked to produce some bold marketing collateral which would advertise their latest installations. The first exhibition was organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, with generous support from Edwin Davies, CBE. The second, known for it’s architectural masterpiece, The British Museum.

Japanese Enamels – The Seven Treasures

The art of cloisonné enamelling became one of Japan’s most successful forms of manufacture after its renaissance around 1840. This particular compilation of Japanese enamels was gifted from the collection of Mr Edwin Davies CBE and has been combined with the V&A’s historical collection, dating back to the Paris International Exposition of 1867. With emphasis on the seven and ‘bold’ being the theme of this project, we needed to choose the right vase which would work seamlessly with the rest of the material.

Supporting this installation, we designed and developed a large array of marketing essentials, ranging from posters of all sizes, banners, handouts, digital panels and huge overpowering wall vinyl’s. Each piece individually holding its own, but all working together as one to tell the story of The Seven Treasures.

Making Roman Sexuality family friendly

Supported by The British Museum, the Brading Roman Villa Challenged us to take on their most bold installation yet, The Warren Cup. Unlike many other cultures, the Roman world was more comfortable with sexual imagery and would often show the whole human experience. The majority of representations are of heterosexual couples, shown in many varied positions of love-making. There were also images of homosexual love both between men and, more rarely, woman. Our challenge was to market this delicate theme and filter it out to the public without causing offence.

The Warren Cup is one of the more explicit pieces of Roman art, earning its place at the forefront of this installation. With that in mind, the angle and position of the cup was key. By positioning the most unrevealing angle of the cup and carefully situating the bold heading (Roman Sexuality) in the right way, we were able to market this delicate subject with ease. Our full service to this project consisted of a range of posters in all sizes, banners, handouts and digital panels.

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