Friend in a Box

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Choosing a gift can be overwhelming and time-consuming. To make things easier, Friendinabox have travelled far and wide to find a range of interesting products which they believe will bring delight or comfort depending on the occasion. It is not always easy to know what to say or do for life’s harder moments, so they have placed particular emphasis on offering something for bereavement, loss and stress. As they were a new start-up, we presented the team with a brand vision, full brand identity and brand strategy, built on compassion and thoughtfulness, focusing on the core values of Friendinabox.

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Creating the brand

We knew from our discovery meetings the brand needed to be emotive but enchanting and friendly, for everyone and anyone. We hit upon the concept of utilising ‘thought bubbles’ with a simple heart showing love, we wanted the brand to be accessible and the message clear as day and provoke positive thoughts. using a mix of dynamic and handwriting typefaces it was important get across the honest approach and ‘hands on’ team behind the brand, this has allowed for the homemade feel and marketing approach which has been very well received with their fast growing customer base.

Although we had to develop a strong but fun identity, in a world full of brown Amazon packaging, Friendinabox wanted a box that would stand out among the masses. It had to be something that was bright, welcoming and strongly reflect the enjoyment awaiting inside. Another feature is the size, missing a day-time delivery is very frustrating, that’s why we created something that was letterbox friendly. Being greeted by this cheerful package after a long hard day is all a part of the business and design vision.

Friendinabox offer premium products but at affordable prices, so it was vital we worked with the brand principles and professional photography to design and build a website that truly reflected this message and brand story in the right context, bringing the Friendinabox story alive and giving customers the best possible user experience. Integrating our designs into the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce has given the team a fully bespoke and customisable website with the ability to look after and fulfil any and all customer orders.

The whole foundation of this business was built on ease. The idea of sending a thoughtful gift should be just as easy as writing a comment or message on Facebook. After all, you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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