Packaging Design

Catch the eye

A great piece of packaging needs to stand out from the crowd, it’s purpose can vary from product to product, but something that it’ll always need to do is catch the eye among the sea of other products you’ll be competing with. To do this, packaging must reinforce and support your brand identity by working seamlessly with your brand guidelines, while identifying, informing and responding to a consumers needs. If they love the packaging, there’s a big chance they’ll love the product inside!

  • Competitor research
  • User testing
  • Label design

We have designed a range of packaging for consumer products, such as a letterbox sized package for succulent brownies, personalised gift boxes, and custom designed flour bags. To do this we undertake thorough competitor research and consider all elements such as format and the finishing to make sure your packaging amplifies your brand and ultimately, helps you sell more.

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